Want to submit to up to 200+ top Hollywood Agents in 15 minutes? It's time for you to finally take your career to the next level with Bookit's Agent Genie!

We've spent the last 12 years researching the BEST Talent Agents in the business across the biggest markets in North America and the UK.

We also found submission hacks to get your email OPENED and READ. And here's the best part: You'll also have a detailed report of who opened your email, who clicked on your stuff, and who is interested in YOU!

Want a simple, affordable, and time-saving way to instantly get your stuff seen by top agents in the business GUARANTEED? Look no further. It's all here in our Agent Genie! 

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Agent Genie uses a simple 3-step process.

Download our list of Theatrical and

Commercial Agents​



Compose Your 5-6 Sentence Letter

(gmail required)


Send individually addressed emails using Bookit's

All-At-Once mailer


Ready to make the best decision of your career?


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Get repped in your market:


The struggle is real...

Lets face it, looking for a legit agent can be downright frustrating. 😤

It takes hours and hours of research, googling countless agents and agencies... 


Scouring IMDBPro to see which agents belong to which departments... 🔎


Then composing and sending each and every one of those pesky emails... 


Only to feel like you’re shouting into the void—getting little to no responses, wondering if your materials were even seen. 🤷 🤷‍♂️

👉 No wonder so many actors give up here. 👈


We've dedicated years to make Agent Genie the most affordable and result-bearing agent submission system on the market today.


Because we know you have better things to do like working on your craft, building your resume, and making great work that you can be proud of.


Ready to take action and jumpstart your acting career to the next level?

Hi! I'm Tommy Beardmore


I'm a professional actor with appearences on Chicago PD, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Shameless, and over 40 films and TV shows. I've done campaigns for companies like Heinz, Wal-Mart, Heineken, and Hyundai.


I created Agent Genie after spending over a decade finding out the best way to get repped. I'm here to share that knowledge with you!


Let's Bookit!

With everything that's going on right now, so many agencies are evaluating their rosters and doing a little spring cleaning.


Which means this is the absolute perfect time to get on their radar. 


But it has to be done quickly, efficiently, and effectively. 

But Fast!


REALLY fast...



"So, how can we devise a system that helps actors find quality representation in the easiest and most effective way possible? A foolproof strategy to submit your materials so an actor—regardless of experience—can find legit representation..."

The strategy I use with our Agent Genie is the same one I used when I had nothing but a few high school drama credits and a local commercial gig. 


It's the same strategy I used to land my first agent, and eventually book my first network TV gig—that instantly earned me my SAG card. 


It's the same strategy I've taught to classmates, coworkers, and friends for years. 


And now I want to teach it to YOU.

No need to reinvent the wheel by coming up with your own list of agents.

Proven method based on numbers, not random dart throwing.

Takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish.

Inside your Agent Genie...

We'll supply you with a simple 3 step process that'll take all of 15 minutes. 

We'll also set you up with our e-book entitled 3 Secret Fixes I Made To My Pitch Email (How I got 30 Agent Meetings in 15 Minutes)


Submit your individual pitch emails to hundreds of top Hollywood commercial or theatrical agents in just a few clicks. Yes, it's really that easy.

Compose a unique Subject line that grabs an agents' attention without being cheesy, boring, or disingenuous.

Layout your cover letter and materials in exactly the way agents want them to be presented. 

Use our built-in Tracking Report to see which agents are interested in your materials. 

And did we mention that it only takes 15 minutes of work from start to finish?

                                       Yup, this method is faaaast. 


A carefully curated list of top commercial and theatrical agents already done for you? 


A built-in bulk mailer tool to save you time sending pitch emails one-by-one?


Built upon a proven strategy that will get you represented TODAY? 

You don't need a ton of credits to use this strategy. 


In fact, you don't need ANY major credits. Talent Agents love molding fresh actors. It's called Talent Development and if they like your personality and work ethic, they'll take a chance on you.

Our comprehensive list spans multiple tiers... Everything from boutique to mid & high tiered agencies. 


Why settle for a few agencies when you can submit to ALL of them?


And once those responses start rolling in, you can research—just those—that interest you. 


Even if you're still building your resume...


Or trying to get to those national commercials or series regular auditions...


(Or both...)


You can use our Agent Genie to find the right representation for you—in less than 15 minutes.

3 Simple Fixes Cover.jpg

Sick of emails not being returned or even checked??


What if we were to GUARANTEE your emails will be open with our secret email pitch hacks?!


Try our complimentary 3 Secret Fixes to Your Pitch Email (How I got 30 Agent Meetings in 15 Minutes) that'll guarantee you're not passed over.


Download it here

Read What Our Clients Have To Say...


So, who's on this list of agents?

These aren't just random contacts we pulled from God knows where. Because lets face it, sometimes the entertainment world can be a little...unsavory. That's why I put in 60+ hours making sure the list was 100% legit. All of them have an IMDBPro rating of 2k and higher. All of them have working actors. All agents have been triple verified by our specialists who have been in the business for 10+ years. Most of them are direct emails, NOT general inbox addresses. And all of them are looking for actors right now.

What if I already have an Agent??

Are you happy with them???


Maybe you're not going out as much as you'd like. Or not going out for roles you knowyou'd be perfect for IF you had the chance. Or maybe you're not going out AT ALL. Yikes.


So you're thinking about starting fresh with a new team but you don't want your current agent to know until you've got solid options elsewhere. 


The beauty of our Agent Genie is that it's fully customizable. If you don't want your agent to receive an email, simply take them off the list by deleting their email address

"Wait... can I still get repped if I don't actually live in these markets??"


Wonderful question! In addition to LA, Agent Genie is available in NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, and London. However, if you're gunning for Hollywood, you can still submit to agents without officially moving, With the way things are going, right now is the PERFECT time to get an agent in any market you're interested in. Pretty soon, all casting will be done virtually via self tapes. 


Which means, you can be ANYWHERE to book work




Use our Agent Genie to get in before everyone catches on!

What do you get when you grab your copy of Agent Genie?

This is CHEAP. What's the catch?

This contact list alone is worth four or five times what we charge.


Here's a breakdown:

SAG scale (minimum pay) for one commercial booking is $712/day—not including residuals.

SAG scale (minimum pay) for one TV/Film booking is $1040/day—not including residuals.

Our goal here is to make this such a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, because we know actors need this list NOW.


At Bookit, we don’t want you to see you be successful someday… We want you to get started TODAY.


So I’ve priced it so you don’t have to hem and haw… you can just grab it and GO!

Here's How It Works...